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Risk out, safety in

As typical inventors from Baden-Württemberg, we always determine exactly what is technically possible and what is best for each specific application. We create plants according to clearly defined planning stages, leaving plenty of room for flashes of inspiration. We pay particular attention to cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency. Power flows are analysed and the drive technology is exactly adjusted to the hydraulic power. To power our test stands, we rely on energy recovery from an intelligent circulatory system. We simply do some cost-conscious Swabian fiddling.


Easy to operate

We at KBW Blickle plan and manufacture test stands that meet the highest standards. This applies both to the user-friendliness as well as to the selection and arrangement of the technical components. Our specially developed software raises the automation of test stands to a new level. Test programs can be created more easily and faster, while increasing the quality and reproducibility of the test values. The practicability is enormous in every respect.


Condition Monitoring against downtime
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Preventative maintenance minimises the risk of downtime for plants. The “Condition Monitoring” developed by KBW Blickle has proved to be of great value in this respect. It is used to monitor individual components or entire systems for vibrations.
There is also a separate “Fluid Condition Monitoring” for hydraulic oils. Collected data, such as relative humidity, particle size or electrical conductivity allows us to draw conclusions about the state of the plant. Maintenance measures can be scheduled in due time and performed efficiently. Also, the specially qualified KBW Blickle service personnel are happy to answer any questions, whether you have a problem in a specific individual situation or if a question arises in the course of a maintenance agreement entered into with us.
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